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[Newspaper:] Kayhan-e Havaei

[Date:] Wednesday 8 Ordibehesht 1372 [28 April 1993] - 6 Dhu”l-Qade 1413

[Issue No.:] 1028

[Page:] 2


The efforts of the Western countries to portray the Bahá’i sect, a product of foreign colonisation, as an equal to the divine religions, took place in the form of publication of some stamps as introduction to this sect.


[On] Page 2

Kayhan-e Havaei News Service – 31 Farvardin [1972] – 20 April 1993

Throughout the last year, a number of European and American countries, in an effort to promote the Bahá’i sect, a construct of the West, and to make it appear equal to the religions of divine origin, printed and distributed some stamps for [the purpose of] introducing this sect.

According to the reports received, every year some stamps containing introductions to the divine religions like Islám and Christianity are printed and published in European and American countries, of which collection in the last year one stamp was assigned to the introduction of the perverse Bahá’i sect.

Every one of these stamps carries pictures and shapes which have been known as the symbols of a religion.

The observers of religious issues are of the belief that printing a stamp in introduction of the perverse Baha’i sect, alongside a collection of the stamps for the official religions of the world, demonstrates the efforts of the Western countries towards spreading and teaching of Baha’ism, and to propound this sect as a competitor to the holy religion of Islám.

It must be said that the intelligence and security organisations of the Western governments have so far used the followers of this sect to the utmost in various countries, including Írán, for political gain with the purpose of acquiring espionage intelligence and establishing organisational relationships.  For this very reason, the protection of this sect is in the terms of reference of the espionage centres of most Western countries.