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[Newspaper:]  Kayhan-e Havaie

[Date:]  Wednesday 2 Dey 1371 - 23 December 1992

[Issue No.:] 1012

[Page:] 9


The controversial statements made by the Western news agencies to promote the Baha’i summit in the United States

Tehran, Kayhan-e Havaie News Agency - 28 Azar, 19 December - The means of mass communication and the broadcast news agencies of America and Europe, with the intention of [providing] propaganda for the perverse sect of Bahaism, have reported controversial news to the whole world about the “Baha’i World Congress”, held in New York.

While the French news sources have been reporting the number of the Baha’i World Congress attendees to be 3,000, the Persian section of the Voice of America, in its evening news on 6Azar [27 November], reported the number of participants to be 30,000.

Similarly while the French News Service claimed that the messages of this conference were being transmitted by nine satellites to the capitals of the world, the Voice of America exceeded the French News Service by claiming that these messages belonged to the Baha’is of Iran, the governor of New York, and the highest ranking leader of the Baha’is, and had been broadcast to 11 locations in the world.

Also, both the French news service and Voice of America, during their news broadcast, while supporting the perverse Baha’i sect, which was formed by the British—contrary to their previous reports that had estimated the decrease in the number of Baha’is—this time unitedly claimed that the number of Baha’is had increased from 400,000 in 1963 to five million in 1992. According to Foad Saberan, the spokesperson of the French Baha’i community, who managed to present this fake cult as a true religion comparable to the well-known religions of Islam and Christianity, added that Bahaism as a religion (!) has had the highest growth rate, from the point of its expansion across the world, and is the second most widespread religion after Christianity, having been spread to180 countries.

The French news service, in expressing the details of anti-racism and even anti-sex (?!), quite obviously presented the Baha’is as the most intellectual people, with respectable and commendable qualities. [He] added that the Baha’is have no relationship with Islam, Judaism and Christianity, but in addition to studying the writings of Baha’u’llah, they also study the Holy Quran, the Bible and the Torah as well, for broadening their understanding.  The French news, at the same time, while mentioning some statistics of the Baha’i schools in America, claimed that the followers of this religion increasingly care about education and learning and they detest ignorance and lack of education. (!)

On the other hand, James Nelson, one of the previous judges of America, who is considered one of the most well-known Baha’is of this country, said, while propagating, that the number of Baha’is since 1980, which was 100,000, has increased to 150,000 Baha’is.

The previous Baha’i Congress was held in London in 1963, and it is important to mention that even though the American and the French news did not make any mention of Israel at this Congress, the headquarters of the Baha’is is located in the City of Haifa in occupied Palestine.