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[The excerpt below is from the section of the article that pertains to the Baha’i Faith]


[Adapted from website:] Kayhan Newspaper

[Date:] 22 Mordad 1393 [13 August 2014]


Censorship of Revelations Against Baha’ism in a TV Series! (Literary and Artistic News)

The director of the documentary series “Jahan-shahriha” complained about the modification of some parts of this series by the broadcasting IRIB TV3.

According to the Kayhan correspondent, the new series of the documentary “Jahan-shahriha” directed by Dr. Shahab Esfandiari, is one of the few documentaries that have dealt with the impact of the Islamic Revolution in Latin America and the growth of Islam and Shiism in this region. However, this series has faced problems in the distribution stage, which has caused the creators of this series to complain....

He added, “Another issue was the irrational modification of some parts of the programme. For example, to warn about the widespread activity of the Baha’i sect in the Latin American region, we referred to this issue to highlight the importance of the work of Shiite missionaries, such as Sheikh Soheil, and to make our seminaries more active in this area, but this part of our programme, was removed by order of the broadcast manager.”...

Emphasizing the importance of introducing Latin American history, culture and society to Iranian audiences, due to the strategic location, and also due to the incorrect image of the Western media of this region, Esfandiari added, “Unfortunately, the friends at IRIB TV3 say that these sections have nothing to do with Islam and Muslims and it is not worth broadcasting; while the broadcast of this programme was approved by the director of the Islamic Culture and Education Department of the network. He expressed hope that with the support of the committed director of IRIB TV3, the continuation of this series will not face such misunderstandings and problems.