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[Newspaper:] Kayhan-e Havaei

[Date:] 22 Farvardin 1369 – 11 April 1990

[Issue No.:] 874


Baha’is Are Seeking Influence in India

New Delhi - India – Kayhan-e Havaei News Service - 18 Farvardin - 7 April

Last week, an Indian broadcaster dedicated one hour to introducing the new Baha’i temple in India.

The cost of the construction of this temple, which was built in the shape of a lotus flower (which is considered sacred for Hindus), was paid by the centre of Baha’is, which is in Israel.

It seems that the Baha’is, by seeking the approval of the Indian authorities, are trying to remove any doubts about their promotional activities and give a popular look to their work.

The Delhi Tourism Department, on the other hand, has published a brochure describing the temple as a work of art, worthy of a visit.

Some sources believe this building could be regarded as the second stronghold of Baha’is after Haifa.