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[The excerpt below is from the section of the article that pertains to the Baha’i Faith]


[Adapted from website:] Kayhan Newspaper

[Date:] 30 Mordad 1387 [20 August 2008]


(Special News)

Advocate Defender of the Baha’is! What Right Did You Have to Say “…be a Shiite!”?

The claim of the arrested Baha’i defence lawyer about “being proud of being a Shiite” was met with reprimand and rebuke by a colleague of the official website of the Israeli Ministry of Foreign Affairs!

Shirin Ebadi, after being praised by the Baha’i World Centre for supporting the freedom of Baha’i activism and defending the seven arrested members of the sect, claimed that she was proud to be a Shiite and had no inclination toward the Baha’i Faith. But Behrouz Sotoudeh, a counter-revolutionary living abroad, also opposed the same partial statement. In an article on the Zionist website Iran Global, he asked Shirin Ebadi to withdraw her claim of pride in being a Shiite, because defending human rights by statement of “belief in Shiite” is not in line with public opinion!

The author of Iran Global interpreted Ebadi’s remarks as turning human rights into “a lion without tail, mane and heart” and called her and her daughter’s acquittal of their Baha’i leanings a “big mistake”. According to Sotoudeh, “The pride of being the head of the Defenders of Human Rights Association in Iran (Ebadi) and being a Shi’ite while representing the Baha’is, is immoral and contrary to the spirit of human rights.”

It is worth mentioning that “Iran Global” is the same Zionist site that some time ago had officially justified the theoretical attack of the Zionist regime on Iran and had called for its acceleration.