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Ministry of the Interior,

Governorate of the City of Kashan;

[Date:] 25 Tir 1324 [16 July 1945]

[Number:] 5419


We enclose herewith, a copy of a statement that has been dispatched to the Office of the Public Prosecutor of Kashan, requesting that the matter cited therein be investigated and stating that recently Sergeant Khameie has arrived in Kashan as Inspector from the Commanding Battalion and has travelled to Aran for this investigation. According to the report [prepared by him] the alderman of the village of Aran has stated that if three people were to be banished from this village, he would guarantee the peace of the location forever. The eviction of following three people has been requested: 1. Ali Salimi, 2. Taghi Danesh, 3. Sayyid Mahmoud Amiri.  He further added that these people are not only the main instigators of the recent upheavals of the village of Aran and have set fire to the property of Ali-Akbar Sharaghi, whose report has already been sent to the Office of public prosecutor, but that on a daily basis the harming and hurting of the Baha’is on various pretexts is preventing them from having peace and tranquillity. In the light of this report, your decision regarding the report of said investigator would be appreciated so that it can be sent to the higher authorities.


Head of the Gendarmerie of Kashan

First Lieutenant Shahrabi


This is a true copy of the original [Signature]