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7/1/1323, [Monday 27 March 1944]


His Eminence, the Prime Minister,


I humbly convey that for a number of years, Mr Sheikh Mohammad Khalesizadeh has been living in exile in Kashan, until recently he was placed under detention and in custody. Recently, he was granted full freedom and gathered people together around him, on the alleyways, in the streets, and in the meetings and on the pulpit, harassing the calm and noble people of Kashan.  His reactionary views and the provocation of the people and the public against the culture, resulted in the complete closure of the girls’ schools in Kashan, and by force of threat, intimidation, and the removal of peace of mind among merchants and respected people, he demanded money from them.  His existence in Kashan is a source of discomfort and lack of security.  Several complaints have been received on this subject but for the moment I present [only] one of them, which is signed by the merchants and the respected first class people of Kashan, and I implore you to command the removal of this undesirable element from Kashan as soon as possible.


Your devotee, Abol-Qasem Naraghi, Member of Parliament for Kashan


[Handwritten Note 1:] To be discussed in the cabinet. 8/1/1323, [28 March 1944].

[Handwritten Note 2:] At the meeting of 14/1/1323, [3 April 1944] [of cabinet] was discussed and it was decided to write about the matter to the police and the government of Kashan so that they write a comprehensive and complete report of his activities, and if there were any disruptive acts to the security of the Area, they would comment on the [method of] establishment of security for the people

[Handwritten Note 3:] Mr. Dabiran, 19/1/1323, [8 April 1944].

[Handwritten Note 4:] Mr. Boroumand, 20/1/1323, [9 April 1944], 1323.

[Handwritten Note 5:] Number 94 – 22/1/1323, [11 April 1944].