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Ministry of the Interior

Governorate of Kashan

Date:  30 Tir 1324 [21 July 1945]

Number 1823

Enclosure: Three pages


Confidential, Eyes only


Ministry of the Interior,


Referring to letter number 4253/2737/M- [dated] 20 Tir 1324 [11 July 1945] about the incidents of the conflict between the Baha’is and the Muslims in the Village of Aran, as the file on the matter and observations indicate, this is a result of the actions and irresponsible interference of [Mr. Shahrabi], which has taken place without previous permission of and notification to the Governorate. [This] has puzzled [this office], and we are not sure why acting commander of the Gendarmerie [police] of Kashan, Mr. Shahrabi, has intervened. Prior to my arrival, Mr. Fahim, the deputy of the Governorate, had personally visited that village, had ended the dispute and had instructed the Gendarmerie not to interfere in this political matter.  Nevertheless Mr. Shahrabi, the acting commander of the Gendarmerie, arbitrarily, without notifying the Governorate, travelled to the mentioned village and not only generated disunity and conflict, but also arrested a few people, opened a criminal case, and sent them to the public prosecutor’s office. 

Not being content with all he has done, he even sent a false report to his superiors in Arak.  From there, he also sent Sergeant Khameie as the investigator [to the area] and, once again, without notifying the Governorate, arrested, pursued and sent a few people to the public prosecutor’s office.  According to the written reports he has sent to the Governorate, copies of three of which are enclosed, they are attempting, without notification or consultation with the Governorate, to arbitrarily banish a few people [from this village], which will create a huge commotion.  It is understood that the acting commander of the Gendarmerie is an inexperienced, selfish youth. His other actions are similar.  He has not yet reported the matter to the Governorate and acts arbitrarily against the local norms and policies.


[I] believe you would instruct him to be assigned to another post and send another skilled, well-experienced and responsible person for Kashan, instructing him to stop his arbitrary actions and not creating unnecessary troubles, arrest and imprisonment of the poor peasants, and ultimately, not creating commotion.


Governorate of Kashan, Gharagozlu


30 Khordad 1324 [14 June1945]


[Handwritten note 1:] Political, 11 Mordad 1324 [2 August 1945

[Handwritten note 2] [Stamp:  The Ministry of the Interior Affairs, Political Office Number 3280, Date 11 Mordad [13] 24 (2 August 1945)]