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He is God


The Honourable Minister of the Interior—long live his glory, 

Based on information obtained, Mr. Sardar Shoja‘, the governor of Kashan, because of his simplicity and lack of insight, has been misled by oppressors and a large group of enemies and has filed reports with the government against a number of highly respected residents of Kashan. … However, regarding the school that is related to the perverse group, the Hojjatol-Islam and high ranking clerics have taken action and sent telegrams on this matter to the prime minister and Ministry of Education. It is also rumoured that the government itself has not been innocent of muddying the waters to incite matters, and it has never been about the others, as the tone of the telegrams received from the Hojjatol-Islam testify to what has been heard. Therefore, when reports are received from the [Kashan] government, careful attention and deep thought must be exercised. Without [their] doing so, give no attention and do not react to the claims of this simple, inexperienced and impercipient person in the government. 

These are a few accounts [illegible] by Hassan al-Nabi al-Kashani


[Stamped in right margin:] Iran National Archives

[Below the text:] Sent coded telegram to the government