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Azad University of Iran

Abu-Rayhan University

Academic School of Translation

Academic School of Shemiran

Damavand University

Institute of Iranian Culture

Faculty of Political and Social Sciences

Faculty of Sciences of Social Communication

Faculty of Physical Education and Sport Sciences

Academic School of Literature and Social Sciences



Islamic Republic of Iran

Ministry of Culture and Higher Education

University Complex of Literature and Humanities


Number 1/9065

Date: [illegible]

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In His Exalted Name

"We want to have a University, [so that] in a few years’ time, we can study all the things pertaining to our own requirements.” Imam Khomeini.


Mr. Karamatollah Foroughi

According to notice number 2/2614, dated 23/1/1361 [12 April 1982], concerning the suspension of your employment, and with reference to communication number 1480-175, dated 29/2/1361 [19 May 1982] from the chairman of the University Complex in Khorasan, whereby it is indicated that in a meeting dated 28/2/1361 [18 May 1982] of that Council you clearly admitted to your membership in the perverse Baha'i sect, your suspension from the date of issuance will be revised to dismissal.  Given that you are not a member of any of the recognized State religions; your employment was unlawful from the inception. Notice is hereby given to direct you to reimburse to the National Treasury, within 15 days of this notice, any sums which you have received as salary from the State Fund.

On behalf of the director of the University Complex of Literature and Humanities

Mohammad-Hasan Ahmadi


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Address: Mr. Karamatollah Foroughi (to prepare the application)