[Newspaper:] The News, Karachi Edition

[Date:] Saturday, 24 July 1993 – 3 Safar-ul-Muzaffar 1414 A.H.


Baha'is accuse Tehran of razing cemetery


Paris: France's Baha'i religious community on Thursday accused Tehran city officials of razing an historic Baha'i cemetery.

The Baha'is, members of a religion founded in Iran in the 19th century, said in a statement that work to destroy the cemetery began a month ago.

 It said Tehran's municipal authorities ignored pleas from Baha'is across the world and have speeded up work to raze the burial site. Baha'i families in Iran were not contracted and coffins had been exhumed and taken to an unknown destination, the statement added.

Many Muslims consider the religion a heretical deviation from Islam and Baha'ism is banned by Iran's Islamic authorities, which preach religious tolerance. —Reuter






















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