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[The excerpt below is from the section of the article that pertains to the Baha’i Faith]


[Newspaper:] Jomhouri-e Eslami

[Date:] Monday 5 Mordad 1360 [25 Ramadan 1401] [27 July 1981]

[Issue No:] 620

[Page:] 4


By the Order of the Islamic Revolutionary Court

Two Zionist Spy Agents Were Executed in Kashmar

Mashhad-By the order of the Islamic Revolutionary Court of Kashmar, two spy agents of international Zionism were executed yesterday at dawn in this city. The orders issued were as follows:

  1. Kamaloddin Bahkhtavar, son of Sadegh, for the crime of membership in Zionist organizations; espionage in favour of the occupying regime of Quds; relationship with the Zionist leaders in Israel; membership and active participation in the Continental Auxiliary Board of espionage network; recruiting individuals from the countries of Iran, Pakistan, Thailand, India, Malaysia and Burma; for collecting information and presenting short-term and long-term plans for misleading the Muslims of those regions; reporting the results of their activities to the Zionist representatives, such as Masih Farhangi, the famous executed Zionist [agent]; receiving a letter of appreciation from the Continental Board of Counsellors; preparation and dissemination of misleading pamphlets in different languages; organizing different classes for the enticement and beguilement of the Muslim people and poor and needy residents of the region; participation and support of the Zionist espionage activities under the designation of the usurious company of Nawnahalan; and association with the despised Pahlavi regime and the dissolved SAVAK[1]; [and,]
  2. Nematollah Katebpour-Shahidi, son of Hedayatollah, for the crime of membership in the Zionist espionage organizations in favour of the occupying Quds regime; having a direct financial and political relationship with Israel; being a member of the usurious  company of Nawnahalan; collecting precise information regarding political-social-military-cultural conditions of the cities and villages of the country; identifying national dignitaries; passing the mentioned information to Zionist leaders in Israel and receiving an appreciation letter in this regard; effective collaboration with the financial espionage institution of the Omana Company, which has been one of the Zionist informative pillars in Iran; purchasing properties to establish centres of misleading activities; propagation and dissemination of lies and ideas against Islam and beguiling people; participation at the Zionist International Baha’i World Congress, held in England, for 40 days; conducting a relationship and communication with the despised Pahlavi regime, the dissolved SAVAK, the Party of Iran Novin and the executed Hoveyda; and opposition to the regime of the Islamic Republic and spending efforts toward its overthrowing; [were] sentenced to death. The order issued regarding the two mentioned [guilty persons] was carried out yesterday morning, after the recitation of some verses of the Holy Quran, at the Sepah Pasdaran yard of the Islamic Revolutionary Guards [compound] of Kashmar.






[1] [Acronym: “National Intelligence and Information Agency”, The intelligence agency in the Pahlavi regime]