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Shahid Bahonar Copper Company

(Public joint-stock company)

Copper pipe production development project

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Document number 16



Subject: Coordination of operational activities of the production hall installations

Date: 28 Aban 1387 [18 November 2008], Time: 10:00 a.m.


Employers: Mr. Barkhordari, Mr. Mellatshahi, Mr. Mahjouyi, Mr. Ziaei, Mr. Eslami, Mr. Attarzadeh

Contractors: Mr. Shekarchi, Mr. Hasanabadi, Mr. Yazdanpanah, Mr. Iranmanesh, Mr. Sharif

  1. The contractor’s personnel for the facilities department in the electrical and mechanical sections were respectively introduced (Mr. Yazdanpanah, Mr. Iranmanesh). In addition, Mr. Sharif was introduced as the facilities and building coordinator.
  2. It was decided that, in order to approve the workshop minutes, the engineers, Mr. Mahjouei from the electrical section and Mr. Attarzadeh from the piping section would take action.
  3. It was decided that the new format for daily reports in the facilities department would be prepared by the control system and communicated to the contractor.
  4. It was decided that the formats for the approval of executive operations in the mechanical and electrical sections would be recommended to the employer by the contractor’s personnel and after approval would be communicated by the employer.
  5. It was decided that Mr. Mahjouyi would coordinate to install the temporary electrical switchboards at the site of the contractor’s representatives at the facilities department.
  6. It was decided that the contractor’s operating personnel in the piping section (filler and welder) would be selected by the contractor and would be introduced to the employer for approval with credible documentation.


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