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Office of the Prime Minister


Date: 28 Ordibehesht 1320 [18 May 1941]

Number 280


Coded telegram


Mr. Minister of Justice


Number 5: report of the Army’s Sixth Legion of Khouzestan indicates that, not only in Ahvaz, but also in the town of Lorestan, and particularly Khorramabad, the Baha’is have expanded the circle of their propaganda and are engaged in transforming the thoughts of the young, by holding meetings.  For example, on the second day of Ordibehesht, they convened a meeting in Khorramabad comprising a number of employees of the government and national organizations to observe the festival of Ridvan.  A statement was read at that meeting, the last part of which is quoted here: “It befits the people of Baha, particularly at this time more than ever before, to pay attention to this important matter and fully align their actions and behaviour with the blessed instructions; or to put it more clearly, to live according to the Baha’i teachings, whether in organizing their household, manner of socializing, gathering, and relating to family and friends, family matters, education of children, marriage, writing a will and the ceremonies for burying the dead, or whether in performing their jobs in trade, commerce, government, and so on.  In personal and social matters, they should follow the Baha’i teachings.”


The contents of this statement and, in particular, the mention that during this time they must act according to Baha’i instructions, and bring to bear the Baha’i instruction in government, commercial, and social services, is worth noting.  In a copy of a song [which was read in the meeting and] that we obtained, negative comments have been made about the “Ajam”[1], and the names of the employees and the manner of their engagement in propaganda has been stated in detail in a report, as well.  Given that, according to the blessed order [of the shah] this matter must be investigated in earnest, please review the file in consultation with the Army’s Sixth Legion of Khouzestan.  Such gatherings and demonstrations, particularly in border areas, must be prevented and stopped, the employees of government organizations who are a part of these incidents must be identified, and needed action be taken in relation to them.  In particular, make a full investigation about the heads of departments, especially the Department of Education, and report the results as soon as possible.


Prime Minister

23 Ordibehesht 1320 [13 May 1941]



[1] [A derogatory term used by the Arabs of the middle ages to address the non-Arabic speaking nations,;it means “dumb”]