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[Newspaper:] Islamic Republic

[Date:] Saturday 24 Azar 1363 [21 Rabi’ul-Avval 1405] [15 December 1984]

[Number:] 1607

[Section:] Friday Prayer


Hojjatol-Islam, Hashemi Rafsanjani in His Friday Sermon of Yesterday – Tehran:


“As Imam [Khomeini] has indicated, this war will continue until the putrid sect of Baha’ism is rooted out.”


Islamic Republic News:


Yesterday, the University of Tehran and its adjacent streets were witnessing a splendid celebration of devotional-political Friday Prayer, participated in by [a great many] of the faithful and God-seeking people of Tehran, led by Hujjatol-Islam Akbar Hashemi.


Hujjatol-Islam Hashemi Rafsanjani delivered sermons of Friday Prayer:


First Sermon


In the Name of God, the Compassionate, the Merciful


Discussions of the past sermons have been about the matter of social justice, in relation to different races and the aggression of the Western world imposed on the non-whites…In my last sermon I said that the West [Arrogance] has used many different methods for this plot in detail from many centuries ago…Part of the mentioned spiritual matters is related to humanity and ethics and another part is related to scientific and technical subjects.  Besides, there are other factors that can become the cause of material development…


One of the important works of the colonizers was their attack on the beliefs of the non-European world, as I discussed and mentioned as the first part of spirituality, especially the Islamic world, because the Islamic beliefs can strongly confront them. On this, they advanced to the point of creating religions. They formed sects such as Baha’ism and Shaykhism and the like, which are brought to confront Islam, and claims of Mahdaviyyat[1], which are now seen all over the world of Islam. These are all the branches of this evil tree…






[1] [Coming of the Promised One]