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[The excerpt below is from the section of the article that pertains to the Baha’i Faith]


[Newspaper:] Jomhoury-e Eslami

[Date:] Monday, 17 Khordad 1361 -14 Sha’ban 1402 [7 June 1982]

[Issue No.:] 874

[Page:] 3


United Press International Was Purchased by the Zionists

The Main Shareholders are Members of the Misguided Baha’i Sect

According to the news from New York, the perverse Baha’i sect, taking advantage of the Zionists’ economic aid and their massive support from [the United States of] America, is attempting to take control of the Zionists’ advertising networks. This sect has extensive connections with the Zionists, and their most important centres are in the occupied Palestinian territories. Douglas Ruhe, prominent member of the Zionist Baha’i network in America, one of the major partners of “MAC” company, the company owning shares in the United Press [International] news agency, in an interview in New York, while stating that his goal is only economic issues (!) added that he has not received monetary help from the leaders of the perverse Baha’i sect. While he was trying to pretend to have purchased United Press advertising independently, he stated that in this regard he has not received any help! And to cover up the advertising purposes of the Zionist Baha’i sect out of this deal, he stated that this is a business matter and that his personal beliefs do not play a role in this economic process.

United Press [International] news agency reported that two of its new owners had discussed their personal history yesterday. The 37-year-old Douglas Ruhe purchased United Press [International] from E.W. Scripps on Wednesday.

Ruhe, while re-explaining, in regard to other issues such as his connection with the Baha’i religion, responded. In this interview, Ruhe responded to the story in a Boston magazine named the Boston Globe where he and his partner had been introduced as members of the Bahai sect. He claimed that members of the Bahai sect have instructions not to participate in any group. He said, “We do not intend to impose our beliefs on the United Press and its news collection operations”. Douglas Ruhe, in answer to the question as to whether the Baha’i sect had offered monetary aid to buy United Press [International], said. “Absolutely not!”  Ruhe stated: “In managing United Press, we focus on the business aspects of it and all our combined skills will be applied in order to contribute to this goal.” He added that their beliefs would have no place in this economic process. According to United Press International, he said that he had spent five years in connection to human rights groups and has fought for human rights!

... the Islamic Republic, as can be seen in the context of the report, the news should be looked into from the political and cultural point of view; in other words, making every effort to [explore the] ever increasing dominance of the Zionists and other associates, such as the misguided Baha’i sect, on the  news networks. The Islamic Republic conveys this report in its entirety, to disclose the dominant factors in global advertising networks.