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[The excerpt below is from the section of the article that pertains to the Baha’i Faith]


[Newspaper:] Jomhoury-e Eslami

[Date:] 23 Azar 1364 [14 December 1985], 1 Rabi’ath-Thani 1406

[Issue No.:] 1896

[Page:] 10


The Imam’s envoy to the High Defence Council for Friday Prayer sermons in Tehran:

The horrors of imperialists, [felt] from our upcoming invasion, caused them to consider the execution of the spies in Iran as a human rights violation.

… In a letter received last night (two nights ago) from one of the Iranian personalities who is currently living in Geneva it was written: “Friend, rescue the Iranians abroad who have fallen into misery”. He has sent the text of a declaration and has written to us to announce this news so they will return. Many of them are willing to return to Iran. We told them, “We had never told them to leave. They can come back anytime they want to. Those who have not committed any crime, those who do not owe anything to the people, can return.  No one will touch them. The petty shortcomings will be forgiven. How many of the SAVAK affiliates, with whom we were so much concerned, are in prison at present?  If they were hit by a problem, now they will live life correctly.”

The condition that has confronted them—as I was explaining it now—with the kind of anger that the world imperialist feels towards the current existing issues in our country [and of] our political and military system, and the with the horror they have found [related to] our future invasion, prompted them to start the fuss over human rights. For example, in taking a handful of Baha’is to the United Nations—Baha’is, Munafeghs [Munáfiqín (stirrers of sedition):  Referred to People’s Mojahedin Organization of Iran], shah-lovers and nationalists—what would be the result of such combination, of such an assembly? Now Baha’is have also become combatants against Iran. Well, this is also a method of espionage that they started in the past. From the time they came in with the help of the British and Tsarist Russia, it was an espionage affair, and today our business with them is for their espionage activities, their contraband activities and activities as hoarders. They cause problems for those who are arrested for hoarding, espionage or other crimes. Mr. Reagan should come and speak. The president of two-hundred-forty or -fifty million Americans, the big super power, should come, stand and speak and defend these sorts of people. This is their document of anti-human rights of the Islamic Republic, whose terrorist’s bomb blew up two days ago next to a hospital and martyred a student…”