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[The excerpt below is from the section of the article that pertains to the Baha’i Faith]


[Newspaper:]  Jomhouri Eslami

[Date:] 7 Mordad 1364 [29 July 1985]

[Issue No:] 1786


On the Occasion of the Anniversary of the Martyrdom of Meek and Learned Warrior, Ayatollah Sheikh Fazlollah Nouri, May God’s Mercy Be Upon Him

Sheikh Fazlollah Nouri, the Loud Scream of Love for Islam at the Height of the Deadly Reign of the Western Exploitation

The Panic of Colonialism from the Movement of Sheikh Fazlollah

Part (2)…

There is no doubt that Sheikh Fazlollah wanted nothing but Islam, and there is no doubt that all the opposition to him began there. In addition to all the existing documents of the sheikh, his friends and those who have closely witnessed the events, the sheikh’s enemies and opponents themselves have also testified to this truth…

…In addition to England, America is also expressing worries about the reviving principles of Islam.

“Hooper Harris”, who was an American, during the Association of Iran and America Training Conference, severely attacked the amendment of the second Article of the Constitution which is the result of Shaykh Fazlollah’s efforts and struggles, and introduced it as “very ugly” and “dangerous” and anti-freedom”… 

…“If the foundation was to strengthen Islam, then why did all those irreligious ones, the lost sects of Baha’i and Azali and all those with corrupt beliefs, the ignorant materialists and the Jews and the Christians and the Zoroastrians and the Indian pagans and all the atheist countries and all different cults of the world, particularly the believers, ask for its strength and boost its power…?!”