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[The excerpt below is from the section of the article that pertains to the Baha’i Faith]


[Newspaper:] Jomhouri Eslami

[Date:] Monday, 25 Azar 1364 [16 December 1985]

[Issue No.:] 1898


Prime Minister: The Declaration of the UN General Assembly Devalued the Votes of the United Nations in the Eyes of the Nations Forever

During the meeting of the cabinet ministers, presided over by Prime Minister Mir Hossein Mousavi, the financial situation of the government, as per the annual schedule, was discussed and reviewed.

According to our reporter, in this meeting, in view of the biased vote of the General Assembly regarding the violations of human rights in Iran, it was stated that it should be clarified whether the objection to the aforementioned Declaration was due to implementation of the revitalising laws of Islam or something else. If it is an objection to divine laws—which seems to be the case—then the United Nations has set itself against one trillion Muslims in the world.

Further into the meeting, the help of the fighters in the brigade of “Ghamar Bani Hashem” [Abbas ibn Ali, meaning the moon of the Hashim clan. He is also known as Ghazi; Ghazi (غازی), meaning "soldier who returns successfully from the battle"] was offered to the Cabinet of the ministers, which was appreciated and honoured. Then, the minister of industry gave a report to the Cabinet about the recent meeting of UNIDO [United Nations Industrial Development Organization]. The report by our reporter indicates that at the end of yesterday’s Cabinet meeting, the prime minister strongly criticized the recent Declaration of the General Assembly of the United Nations regarding violations of human rights in Iran.

The prime minister stated in these discussions, “There might be a conspiracy, so that in view of the previous announcement of the authorities of the Islamic Republic regarding the need to condemn the aggression of the Iraqi regime, through an action such as issuing a Declaration against the Islamic Republic of Iran, first, the value of being condemned by the United Nations would be lost, and then the Iraqi regime would be named as an aggressor and condemned by the Security Council.

The prime minister added, “We announce that the recent Declaration has forever devalued the votes of the United Nations in the eyes of nations.”

He also stated that it was interesting that among the supporters of the recent Declaration of the General Assembly of the United Nations, there are the criminal regimes of Israel, Chile, Argentina, El Salvador, and other industrialized countries, and at the head of them sits the world-devouring United States.  For us, it is an honour to be accused of being in violation of human rights by such countries.  And for the United Nations, it is sufficiently shameful to have issued a declaration against the Islamic Republic based on the votes of such countries, some of whom have previously been accused by the United Nations of violating human rights.

At the conclusion of his statements, the prime minister said, “More interestingly, the terrorists who claim human rights have been violated in Iran have recently published official accounts in their press confessing to having killed 1,500 people during the last year, and ten thousand people in the last four years. Of course, because they receive a payment from their Western bosses for the number of innocent people they kill, they tend to exaggerate in stating these numbers. But for us, it is sufficient honour that we have been accused by such criminals of violating human rights”.