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[Newspaper:] Jomhouri Eslami

[Date:] Sunday 17 Farvardin 1365 - 26 Rajab 1406 [6 April 1986]

[Issue No.:] 1985

[Page:] 11


Muhammad (S) Khatamon-nabiein

“Khatem” is the substantive form of the original word (Khatama-yakhtemo). And “khatama” means “he ended” or “he finished”. Then “khatem” means the one who ends or finishes and the meaning of “khatemon-nabiein” becomes, “the one who ends or closes the prophets”.

 “Khatam” means the ring and ornament or decoration. Therefore Khatamon-nabiein means, “the ornament of the prophets”. This discussion is one of the last century. Otherwise, as far as my studies go, I have never come across anyone who would question or doubt the meaning of this word.

In fact, contrary to what the leaders and followers of this futile and vain sect (Bahaism) have fabricated around this verse, this word in this (verse) has been used with the same meaning, whether pronounced as “khatam” [with diacritical mark above the letter T] or “khatem” [with diacritical mark under the letter T], (since both forms are used). This is the very reason for dual pronunciation, as it does not change the meaning of the word. Both “khatam” and “khatem” are used in the same meaning as the seal [ring]…