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Tehran Seiman


Tehran Seiman

Public Joint Stock Company


[Number:] 19558

[Date:] 11 Dey 1361 [1 January 1983]


In the Name of God

[Official Stamp] Under Management of the Iranian National Industries Organization


Certificate of Employment and Performance


This is to certify that Mr. Farhad Sedghi, son of Dadash, born in [redacted], with identification number [redacted], worked with the Tehran Seiman (Public Joint Stock Company) from 21 Ordibehesht 1353 [11 May 1974] to the end of Tir 1361 [22 July 1982], his last position being accounting manager. His last monthly salary was one hundred thirty-seven thousand, nine hundred and sixty (137,960.00) rials.


During his services, Mr. Farhad Sedghi has shown his excellence and ability in all his duties. His personal behaviour, and everything related to his work, has been fully satisfactory.


Tehran Seiman (Public Joint Stock Company)


[Address:] Registration Number 4503, Capital 3,008,000,000.00 rials