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[The excerpt below is from the section of the article that pertains to the Baha’i Faith]


[Adapted from website:] Javan Online

[Date:] 11 Tir 1391 [1 July 2012]


It Happened Due To the Negligence of the Officials of the Isfahan Guidance Department

Baha’i Propaganda in the Journalism Class!

Masoumeh Taheri

According to reporters, this Baha’i professor has placed Baha’ism next to Christianity, Judaism and Islam, saying, “Laws are not always the same and change according to the needs of the time. For example, in the amendment in the law, blood money, which was different between men and women, has now, after many years, been equalized. Surely the day will come when there is no difference between a Muslim, a Jew, a Christian and a Baha’i in the implementation of the law!”

Of course, this [statement] was protested by a number of journalists, to which [the professor] claimed in response, “Aren’t Baha’is human beings?! Are not they like other human beings, having limbs?! Why should not they have equal rights?!” And soon [he] raised the issue of human rights and defended the Baha’i sect and human rights under various headings, the Isfahan media officials made the noteworthy point that he had officially questioned the government and boasted about the non-implementation of human rights laws, to which the world is fully committed, and which are not always implemented in Iran.

It should be noted that this Baha’i professor, with a history of teaching at the Azad University of Isfahan (and who was later fired), is working as a judge in the judiciary!

It is unfortunate that the Islamic Guidance Department negligently engages the journalists who are in dire need of religious insight in the traps of such misguided sects. The Baha’i groups, which are serious opponents of Islam and Iran, under the umbrella of the protection of old colonialism, are now considered to be the leaders of Islamophobia and Iranophobia and seek to strike at Islam in various forms. Today, Baha’i groups, according to [the Baha’i] teachings, exert great efforts to attract more followers, especially in schools and universities. They are insidiously recruiting students and young people, due to our negligence.

One of their teachings to students is to attract their classmates through friendly communication and gradually create the ground for them to become Baha’is, because this is a privilege for them. Today, when some professors and experts are to be consulted about this, they have to use pseudonyms; they even advise you to be careful, because not only do the Baha’i agents operate freely in the country, but they have also infiltrated the systems and organizations.

Today, when Mohammad Reza Varzi, a committed Muslim [film] director of our country, portrays some of the crimes of this perverse sect and their activities in his historical serials, he is publicly and openly being threatened by the Baha’i sect’s leaders, and they organize long letters against him without any fear of the Ministry of Intelligence or security institutions.

Undoubtedly, Baha’ism has officially and publicly taken up the banner of fighting the Islamic Republic and the religion; but unfortunately, not only do institutions and organizations not take correct and fundamental action to fight them, but sometimes one is surprised at the intensity of the influence of Baha’is in institutions, organizations and...

It should be asked who really is responsible for all this cultural turmoil! Undoubtedly, when immense budgets are spent out in nowhere-places, one should not expect more in this important cultural field. When some cultural officials have not yet observed the cultural issues as they should, and in the midst of so many matters, in this asymmetric cultural war, how can one expect to see the soft and sublime activity of the Baha’is and [investigate their activities]; for example, on Fridays, the Baha’is take their religious teaching to poor, deprived areas to attract the people [by offering] some simple help!