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[Adapted from website:] Javan Online

[Date:] 4 Bahman 1388 [24 January 2010]


Exclusive Javan Online

Baha’i programme to establish a kindergarten/emphasis on the care of orphans

The Baha’is of Iran have planned their social activities in several ways.

An informed source, in an interview with Javan Online, while stating the above, said, “The Baha’i elite in Iran, while emphasizing the purpose of their specific transient goals, have specified foreign backing to support themselves and to pursue coherent activities in the field of women’s and children’s rights.”

He added, “In this regard, some Baha’is have been given the task of establishing some legal offices in this field and filing cases in this arena.”

The informed source further referred to the Baha’is’ investment in establishing a kindergarten, and said, “The Baha’i elite have decided to establish their beliefs in the community by creating a kindergarten, and to organize their programmes from this spectrum.”

He also referred to the new instructions for accepting custody of orphaned children and said, “These people are supposed to provide some educational and tourist camps for these innocent children in the guise of helping them and channelling them.”

In the end, this informed source, while warning the families about the inspection of some kindergartens and educational institutions, also asked the authorities to be more careful about issuing the necessary licences for these guilds.