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[Adapted from website:] Javan Online

[Date:] 2 Mordad 1399 [23 July 2020]


The Story of Hoveyda Viewed from a Historical Redefinition

Baha’i Prime Minister for a Muslim country!

Ghasem Tabrizi

Javan Online History Service: The present book is a look at the life, lineage, position and record of Amir Abbas Hoveyda in contemporary history (1320 - 1357 [1941-1978]).

… His grandfather, Mirza Reza Ghannad, was a Baha’i captivated by the teachings of Abbas Effendi, who even lived in the Baha’i precinct in Acre. His grandmother lived in Damascus with Hoveyda’s father, Ayn al-Molk.

... He was also Iran’s ambassador to Saudi Arabia and came to Tehran in 1308 [1929/1930], serving as an Iranian diplomat between the Saudi government and Reza Khan. When Sardar Asaad was arrested and sent to prison, Ayn al-Molk went to Beirut. Ayn al-Molk died in Beirut at the age of 64, where his two children, Amir-Abbas and Fereydoon were studying. His maternal lineage was the Sardari family.

Hoveyda was educated in Israel at the World Alliance school and then became a member of the American Council of Zionism called the AZL. …