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[Adapted from website:] Jam News

[Date:] 15 Mordad 1397 [6 August 2018]


Baha’i [Play] on the Sanctification of Tahereh Qurrat’ul- Ayn

One of the latest manifestations of the Baha’i movement is a [play] dedicated to the consecration of Tahereh Qurrat’ul- Ayn, which has recently been staged in Azerbaijan.

The Baha’is continue to use propaganda in various formats, from writing books to making films and theatre, in order to provide propaganda and characterization for their baseless foundations and dark history. One of the last performances of these plays is a [production] with the theme of the consecration of Tahereh Qurrat’ul-Ayn, which has recently been staged in Azerbaijan.

The purpose of this play is to present a legendary image of a woman who should be considered a pioneer in the [removal] of the hijab. This character is part of the play as a strong, powerful and intellectual woman; while researchers have spoken about Tahereh’s scheming to kill her father-in-law (one of the scholars of the time) and her collusion in Badasht in a conspiracy to announce the abrogation of Islam and the beginning of Babism in Iran.

Propaganda and attempts to make history and mythology have always been the approach of Baha’ism, which has now intensified its actions in countries such as Azerbaijan or Pakistan, due to the favourable secular atmosphere.