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[Adapted from website:] Jam-e Jam Online

[Date:] 28 Mordad 1396 [19 August 2017]


Ayatollah Falsafi’s Memoirs of Mosaddegh on Islam and Baha’ism

Ayatollah Mohammad-Taghi Falsafi has written interesting articles in his book, memoirs about Mohammad Mosaddegh’s response to Ayatollah Borujerdi’s message about dealing with the Baha’is.

As reported by Jam-e Jam Online, reporting [for] Tasnim, Hojatoleslam Mohammad-Taghi Falsafi, in his book of memoirs regarding the reaction of Mohammad Mosaddegh to the message of Ayatollah Borujerdi about dealing with the Baha’is, said, “In my second meeting with Dr. Mosaddegh, something happened between him and me. The issue was that the Baha’is had become problematic in the cities and were showing off their power.

“By the order of Grand Ayatollah Mr. Borujerdi, I made an appointment and went to him. Like the previous time, he was lying on the bed under the blanket. I conveyed Mr. Borujerdi’s message to him and said, ‘You are the head of the Islamic State of Iran, and now the Baha’is are active in the cities and have created problems for the Muslim people, and therefore, their letters of complaint regularly reach Ayatollah Borujerdi. He thought it was necessary for you to take action.’

“After I had conveyed my message, Dr. Mosaddegh laughed sarcastically, laughed out loud, and said, ‘Mr. Falsafi, in my opinion, there is no difference between a Muslim and a Baha’i; All are from the same nation and Iranian.’ This answer was very surprising to me, because if he were to ask what is the difference between a Baha'i and a Muslim, I would have explained to him. But with that mocking and insulting laugh, there was no room left to talk and explain. Therefore, I was silent. When I reached the presence of Ayatollah Borujerdi and [told him what had been said], he also listened to this message in astonishment” ....