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Islamic Republic of Iran

Ministry of National Defence

ETKA Group of Companies


Date: 20 Mehr 1359 [12 October 1980]

Number: 805-02/9173

Enclosure: -----

When responding, please refer to this number


Mr. Jalil Janpak Fahadan

According to directive number 603-05-1-234 of the Ministry of National Defence, dated 12 Shahrivar 1359 [3 September 1980], which was communicated to this organization by way of letter number 603-05-18, dated 25 Shahrivar 1359 [16 September 1980], from the adjutancy of the ETKA companies, as of 1 Mehr 1359 [23 September 1980], you are dismissed from employment in this company because of your adherence to Baha’i ideology, and as such, from the above date, you have no position or rights in the oil extraction factory Ganjeh Rudbar or in this company.  Therefore, you are required to immediately vacate the company’s residence which you had been allocated to you.

Supervisor of ETKA Groups of Companies

Abdol-Azim Nazerani



Recipient: Oil extraction factory Ganjeh Rudbar, with reference to letter 805-02-1441, dated 16 Mehr 1359 [8 October 1980], for information and settlement of his account, and to oversee the vacating of company’s residence.