Jalal Payravi

Born: 26 March 1937, Milan, East Azerbaijan

Executed in Tabriz on 5 May 1984


Jalal Payravi was born into a Baha’i family and spent most of his childhood Milan. Later he moved to Tabriz where he completed his secondary education. He obtained a degree in agricultural engineering from Tabriz University.  He was employed by the Ministry of Agriculture and worked in several cities and finally settled in Urmia.  In 1981 he was dismissed from his employment for his adherence to the Baha’i Faith.  He was an Auxiliary Board member[1] for both East and West Azerbaijan.

He was arrested on 20 October 1981 in Urmia.  His family had no information of his whereabouts for 25 days.  During this period, he was tortured and endured immense suffering.  Eventually his abductors took him to Urmia detention centre.  Some months later, on 29 April 1982, he was transferred to Tabriz prison.  On 5 May 1984, he was executed by firing squad at Tir Square in Tabriz together with Maghsoud Alizadeh. The following day their families and friends were informed of their execution.  On 7 May 1984 in the presence of a large number friends they were buried in accordance to Baha’i law.


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[1] Auxiliary Board Members: group of individuals appointed by the Continental Board of Counselors for a five year term.  Their responsibility is to encourage individuals and strengthen Baha’i communities in their area of service - usually smaller regions within a country.  Auxiliary Board Members have a consultative role in relation to the Local Spiritual Assemblies.