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[The excerpt below is from the section of the article that pertains to the Baha’i Faith]


[Adapted from website:] Jahan News

[Date:] 12 Mordad 1392 [3 August 2013]


Baha’i Organization Tactical Changes in the Next Government

The Baha’i organizations, under the direct command of the House of Justice, changed their tactics in relation to the authorities [because of past failures in communication]. So, in a secret letter, [they] demanded [the cessation of communication with and from state officials].

According to Jahan, the Didehban website wrote:

Baha’i organizations inside the country, after their successive defeats in the previous government, [have now] adopted their old tactics. In order to create more legitimacy in society and influence the government system for changes to the laws and standards adopted in opposition to deviant religious and security movements, communication with senior officials of the system, a chain of letters sent to officials in all categories, and communication with the political circles of the country has been placed on the agenda of the future activities of active groups of the Baha’i organization in Iran.

Baha’is, side by side with infidels in the region, and [demonstrating] self-aggrandizement over Shiism, usually perform better in countries with Shiite roots, [such that,] with their previous centrality in Egypt, their books were published in Cairo or Mumbai, India.

Baha’i individuals living in the Middle East, and Iranian Baha’is with American citizenship, enlist in the U.S. military at their own request and are deployed to the U.S. Armed Forces as Marines. Baha’i volunteers in the U.S. Army are sent to countries with a higher percentage of Shiites in the region―countries like Iraq, Yemen, and Bahrain―and their presence in countries like Syria and Egypt is also visible. Baha’is, with their beliefs, commit certain crimes in the countries of the region, which are well known and common. Wherever the Baha’is wanted to beat Islam, they took the initiative and attended with full consent.