[Translator’s notes appear in square brackets.]

[Personal information has been redacted.]

[The excerpt below is from the section of the article that pertains to the Baha’i Faith]


[Newspaper:] Jahan-e-Paak

[Date:] 17 Shahrivar 1335 [8 September 1956]

[Issue No.:] 18

[Page:] 2


A little further down, they object to the government for leaving their hands free to publish all kinds of provocative and harmful subjects so that they can serve their masters perfectly through “injuring the national and religious sentiments and exciting the public opinion in favour of their masters”. Of course this declaration and the likes of it does not have any “provocative” or “harmful” subjects in it at all! And they do not incite public opinion! But this injuring of the national and religious sentiments of Muslims has become a good excuse, too! They do everything and commit any crime and then rely on religious sentiments! Of course the [term] “national sentiments” is used here to attract those who do not pay attention to religious superstitions and make it appear more substantial. We do not know in which legal framework this title is of any value. Where does “religious sentiments” fit into the laws and regulations of Iran—the same constitution you have adopted from France and then added to it some things of your own by force?! 

“… instead, in order to spread the propaganda and publications of the Baha’is and the remaining followers of Kasravi, far and wide, they do not fall short of offering all kinds of help and assistance.”  This is a blatant lie on its own. The [fact] that the Baha’is do not breathe a word, and we openly spread hundreds and thousands of our own publications, aside, what can it be called other than contemptible that you should mention the name of the Baha’is in the same order as Kasravi? Baha’is, to whom you have not been able to reply, even with the force of hooliganism and calling them infidels and the savagery of Shahroud and the like, Kasravi has responded to with those solid reasons in his book “Baha’i-gari” [Baha’ism]. How degraded must you be to consider them to be alike! Apparently you are not aware that, from the point of view of wisdom and knowledge, you are at the same level as Baha’is!

Towards the end of the declaration, they write: “Today we announce with a loud and audible voice that these types of actions and publications are considered to be as rising against the national government and opposition to the fundamental beliefs of the nation…” You consider the government to be oppressive and misappropriating and tyrannical, and that, of course, this is not “as rising against the national government” (!), aside, why do you not sign your public declarations, since you “announce with a loud and audible voice”?! Then why are you such cowards? Why do you hide your faces?! Why do you not let your names come out in the open?! Is it not because “a traitor is a coward”?!

Finally you have asked the prime minister not to let a bunch of “traitors and spies” deal the most definitive blows to the body of freedom… Everyone can ascribe the title “traitor and spy” to his opposition! This time, too, the people of Iran will make judgement and will know the spies and traitors. The national “court” will be instituted and they will get to know both you and us.

With the hope and anticipation of national court