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Number: 281

Date: 1 Mordad 1359 [23 July 1980]

Enclosure: -----


In the Name of God

Certificate of Employment

This is to certify that since 12 Esfand 1358 [2 March 1980] to 1 Mordad 1359 [23 July 1980] Mr. Reza Soheilian has been working in the Technical Department of the Jahad-e-Sazandegiof Khomam County in the capacity of supervisor of the said department, and we are fully satisfied with his services.

Jahad-e-Sazandegi, however, believes that Baha’i sect is a doctrine made by the British colonialists, etc., and serves to weaken Islam in Iran and other countries.

The suspicious and conspicuous activities that the Baha’is have been party to in the one-and-a-half years since the Revolution have led to the execution of chairpersons of the Baha’i sect’s [Spiritual] Assemblies in Yazd and Tabriz.

There were a few hours of discussion with the named person about the principles of the Bahaism doctrine and Jihad was explained, yet he is still under intense fascination with the Bahaism doctrine.

Therefore, Jihad of Rasht and Khomam County is not in favor of any continued cooperation with him and has stopped any further association from 1 Mordad 1359 [23 July 1980].

Supervisor of Jihad of Khomam



From: Council of Construction Jihad

Seyyed Mohammad Masoumnejad

[Signature and official stamp]

1 Mordad 1359 [23 July 1980]