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[The excerpt below is from the section of the article that pertains to the Baha’i Faith]


[Newspaper:] Gounagoun[1]


Prosecutor of the Islamic Revolution:


The Properties of the Connected[2] Wealthy will not be returned to them.


Ahmad Raiesi said:

“Regarding the rich who have earned their properties and money through unethical means, there will be no compromise.”


The prosecutor of the Islamic Revolution said:  “The execution of one of the Baha’is by the name of Bahman Samandari this year is not for being a Baha’i, but he was executed for being a spy.”


The Prosecutor of the Islamic Revolution, in another part of his interview regarding the Human Rights issue in Iran and the condemnation of the Islamic Republic by a United Nations committee, expressed that this is just a political weapon used against the Islamic Republic and “all of the third world countries”. He asked the authorities to establish Islamic rights and Divine law that according to him “is the ultimate example of the observation of Human Rights with powerful enforcement”.


Regarding the Human Rights in Iran he said, “Even though on the surface, Human Rights are often presented as a legal debate they have become a political tool in the hands of the West.  It seems as though the purpose of this Human Rights issue, is to disregard our country’s circumstances where we have started an ideological and Cultural Revolution, and are trying for [illegible] of Islamic law and the Divine law, and to make it a weapon against us and against all the [Third World] countries”


Ahmad Raiesi denied the recent charges of the United Nations regarding Iran’s Human Rights violations and the persecution of the Baha’is in Iran and said:  “The execution of one of the Baha’is named Bahman Samandari in the current year was not for being a Baha’i, but this person has been executed for being a spy.”


The Reuters News said, Raiesi’s statement which was published in the Kayhan Newspaper of Monday December 30th, is the first statement ever made regarding the [execution of Bahman] Samandari by a [illegible] of the Islamic Republic.


The execution of Bahman Samandari took place in the month of March of the Christian calendar and Galindo Pol of the United Nations mentioned it in his last report of the Human Rights conditions in Iran.


The Kayhan Newspaper quoted [Ahmad Raiesi] as having said, “The person executed was connected to the Spy [organization] of the West and the charges [illegible] against him were of this nature.  The International [illegible] is trying to turn this into a [illegible] case and portray this as a Baha’i issue.”






[1] [This may not be the correct name of Newspaper]

[2] [This term often used to refer to the people who were connected to former regime or foreigners”