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[Newspaper:] Islamic Republic

[Date:] Sunday 19/11/1365- [8 February 1987]- 9 Jumada t-Tania 1407

[Number:] 2235

Page: 10

Eighth year



Aggravating Ethnic, Racial and Religious Conflicts, The Constant Endeavor of Colonialism

As we have pointed out in previous articles, the creation of disunity, discord and enmity amongst the ethnic groups of a society, and the aggravation of religious, ethnic, racial and other disputes, is one of the most important strategies used by world imperialism. in order to establish dominance in third world countries.

…The ‘colourful’ so called religious sects such as Babism, Baha’ism, Qadianism and the like, are nothing but the product of the politicians of London royalty, designed to deviate the minds of the Muslim people of Iran from the Islamic Law.  For this reason and to resist the increasing oppressive, divisive, and authoritarian politics of the foreigners within the government organisations in the country, the devoted Muslim people of Iran, led by the devoted warrior clergy of the time, activated numerous Islamic movements and uprisings against the imperial, colonial powers of the Qajar era; uprisings, the like of which, rarely ever had occurred in previous succession periods.