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[Newspaper:] Ettelaat

[Date:] 12 Tir 1359 [3 July 1980]

[Issue No:] 16180

[Page:] 11


Exposé by the Islamic Association of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs

The Islamic Association of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, in a communication issued on 11 Tir 1359 [2 July 1980], further to the Imam’s (Khomeini) statement, disclosed the present situation at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs requesting revolutionary actions in an effort to realize the goals of the Islamic Revolution.

“Verily never will God change the condition of a people until they change it themselves”. The Holy Quran

“If the Ministry has an Islamic Association, how has it allowed such harmful activities?” Imam Khomeini

Following previous statements, the Muslim nation of Iran is hereby informed that the Islamic Association of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, owing to its sacred mission, has declared its points of view in order to mobilize the offices and agencies abroad to accelerate the advancement of the Islamic Revolution.

Though members of this Association with their indefatigable efforts had sincerely dedicated their energy to the goals of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, regrettably those in charge not only did not accept, but sabotaged and prevented the Association’s activities and reinstated the employees of SAVAK, used the services of Ashraf’s advisors and those of the Heads of Ceremonies of Shams’s palaces, continued to retain some notorious persons known for indecency, and involved such individuals in the critical affairs of the country, including organizing international conferences such as conference of the dissidents and conference to engage America’s interference in Iran, and so on. Meanwhile, an active member of the Islamic Association, who has been actively serving with honesty and dedication on the Committee for the Purging and Purification of this ministry, was dismissed and transferred to the Ministry of Labour as a redundant employee, for insisting on enforcing the laws sanctioned by the Revolutionary Council and preventing and objecting to the illegal acts of the management.

While the corrupt, the activists of the perverse sect, and the devotees of the despotic regime are busy sabotaging and conspiring, the Ministry’s authorities implicitly support them, albeit through their silence!

In view of the historic warning of the Imam to the country’s authorities, this Association declares once again its mission here below, and will in due course declare its further undertakings to the Muslim nation of Iran:

1. Revolutionary cleansing of all the Shah’s ambassadors, employees and resources of the abolished SAVAK, Freemasons, devotees of the abhorrent Pahlavi regime, and saboteurs in the current affairs;

2. Expulsion of the members of the perverse sects;

3. Dismissal of those known for their indecencies, so as to preserve the reputation and character of our sisters [coworkers] (evidence is available in this regard);

4. Revolutionary review of the decisions of the Purging and Purification Committee;

5. Codification of administrative bylaws in accordance with Islamic principles by competent authorities devoted to the Islamic Revolution.

It is hoped that those in charge will be awakened and cause no further impediments by their negligence in the advancement of the revolutionary movement of the Muslim nation. Should the current authorities of the ministry further stall the purging process, this Association will carry out its religious duties based on the Sharia. In conclusion, we resolutely appeal to our dedicated Muslim coworker brothers and sisters to walk in harmony with other sectors of the Muslim nation of Iran in an effort to refine and rehabilitate the office environment.


Islamic Association of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs