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Date: 3 Mordad 1341 [25 July 1962]

Number: 175/M

Attachment: Yes


Ministry of the Interior

Office of the Provincial Government of Isfahan

Direct - Confidential


Ministry of the Interior

Further to [correspondence] number 141/M – 10 Tir 1341 [1 July 1962], regarding two Baha’i women who are engaged in propaganda in Eskandari Village of Faridan [County], we are attaching a copy of correspondence number 231/M of 30 Tir 1341 [21 July 1962] from the central office of the Department of Education of the Province of Isfahan. It is requested that, after considering letter number 141/M of the Office of the Provincial Government, [you] inform the Provincial Governorate of whatever decision you have taken in this regard so that appropriate action can be taken.


The Governor General of Isfahan