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[The excerpt below is from the section of the article that pertains to the Baha’i Faith]


[Adapted from website:] The Islamic Republic News Agency (IRNA)

[Date:] 7 Mehr 1397 [29 September 2018]


Member for Shiraz: The Arrest of a Member of the City Council of Shiraz Due to a Tweet Is More Like an Excuse

IRNA – The member of the Islamic Consultative Assembly for Shiraz, regarding the follow-up on the arrest of Mehdi Hajati tomorrow in the open court of Baharestan, said, “I raised this issue with the governor general of Shiraz, who is also the chairman of the Provincial Security Council. He said that he had followed up on the matter and had already talked to the relevant officials. He expressed his hope that this issue would be resolved with tact as soon as possible.”

He protested against such arrests, saying, “Mr. Hajati had a tweet in which he spoke about the citizenship rights of two citizens of Shiraz. Some say he used the title of friend for these Baha’i citizens. It would be strange if he was really arrested for this reason.”

The spokesman of the Hope fraction of the Parliament remarked, “In many cases, the words ‘friend’, ‘brother’ and the like are used, while it is just a rhetorical term. The same is true of Mr. Hajati, who referred to these Baha’i citizens as friends.”

Parsaei added, “Mr. Hajati, in a tweet, as the member of the City Council of Shiraz, based on references and requests that had been made to him, had followed up on the arrest of two citizens. After the follow-up, he also reported in a tweet.”

He said that the arrest of Mr. Hajati because of this tweet is more like an excuse and said, “Many times in our country, officials have emphasized the rights of minorities, including the Baha’is; Mr. Hajati has also been pursuing the detention of these citizens on this basis.”