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[The excerpt below is from the section of the article that pertains to the Baha’i Faith]


[Adapted from website:] Islamic Republic News Agency (IRNA)

[Date:] 16 Mehr 1398 [8 October 2019]


About the State and Provincial Associations Bill | Opposing Islamic Standards in a Demagogic Cover

Tehran - IRNA - The bill of the State and Provincial Association was approved by proposing two issues about swearing on the holy books when administering an oath and giving women the right to vote in a progressive appearance and a step forward, but the opponents to this bill saw behind the facts, which were hidden from the public. Opponents, therefore, reread the esoteric intentions of the enacted bill. ...

Opposition parties had the belief that the aim of the government in approving this bill was to deal with the clergy and religious seekers and remove them from the scene altogether. They saw the passage of the State and Provincial Association bill as a way for Baha’ism to infiltrate the country’s power and politics, and said, “The abolition of the oath of allegiance to the Holy Quran and the granting of suffrage to women were among the cases in which Baha’ism increased its influence in Iran and its friendship with Israel.”

The late Imam Khomeini also pointed to this and said, “The change to the bill of the State and Provincial Association in the discussion was to replace the Quran with the [other] holy books at the time of administering an oath. This was to provide the grounds for domination and control by non-Muslims and foreigners, especially Baha’is, over Muslims, and harm the independence of the Islamic society.”

The late imam considered the influence, presence and domination of Baha’is over Muslims as one of the consequences of this bill. He was extremely concerned about the growing influence of the followers of this religion in Iran and considered the passage of this bill to be a conspiracy by the Zionists who appeared in Iran under the guise of the Baha’is. ...