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[Adopted from website:] IRIB news agency

[Date:] 19 Shahrivar 1397 [10 September 2018]


On the anniversary of the martyrdom of Shahid Madani, “the second martyr of Mehrab”, from his anti-Baha’i campaign to his exile to Hamadan, the martyred Ayatollah Madani fought against Baha’is in Azarshahr and forced them out of the city.


Campaign against Baha’ism

According to Defa’ Press, Borujerdi, son-in-law of the martyred Ayatollah Madani, regarding the martyr’s great campaigns against the Baha’i sect, has stated that the martyred Madani felt that his native town (Azarshahr) was falling under the threat of economic takeover by the perverse Baha’i sect, a colonial Zionist ideology and creed. As a result, some of the critical establishments in the city, such as the electric power plant, etc., are already under their control.

So, he mobilized the public with his inflammatory speeches and managed to instigate a boycott against the use of electricity, and people started using oil lamps instead. More importantly, Azarshahr, situated not far from Tabriz, was a major bread supplier for that city. According to Ayatollah Madani’s instructions, the public stopped selling bread and other daily requirements to the members of this sect, which ultimately forced them to leave this religious Islamic city.

This caused escalation of the campaign against Baha’is. However, the investigation of the police force into these incidents identified the martyred Madani as the sole anti-Baha’i provocateur.