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[Adapted from website:] IRIB News Agency

[Date:] 4 Ordibehesht 1397 [24 April 2018]


Meeting of the Consul General of the Republic of Azerbaijan With a Number of Members of the Perverse Baha’i Sect

According to the International Service of the IRIB News Agency, quoting the “Report” website; The consul general of the Republic of Azerbaijan in Los Angeles, in a meeting with members of the perverse Baha’i sect in Los Angeles, spoke about the activities of the Republic of Azerbaijan in establishing a relationship with what he called “religious communities.”

Six hundred members of the Baha’i community attended the Introduction to Azerbaijan Conference at the Baha’i centre in Los Angeles.

Nasimi Aghavev, consul general of the Republic of Azerbaijan in Los Angeles, spoke about the work done in establishing relations with religious communities.

He spoke about the rich history and culture of Azerbaijan and the geographical region in which Azerbaijan is located.

Nasimi Aghavev also emphasized the deep-rooted multiculturalism and tolerance in Azerbaijan and the equality of all, regardless of ethnicity, and the free implementation of human beliefs, customs and traditions in Azerbaijan, which is being strengthened day by day under the leadership of the far-sighted and discerning Ilham Aliyev.

Members of the Baha’i community welcomed multiculturalism and tolerance in Azerbaijan.