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[Adapted from website:] Islamic Revolution Document Center

[Date:] 5 Bahman 1399 [24 January 2021]


Battle with the Perverse Sect!

Islamic Revolution Document Center: From the 1330s [1950s], Haj Esmail Rezaie along with the clergy, fought against the perverse Baha’i sect. In the late 1330s [1950s], he joined the close circle of the militant authority of the era, Imam Khomeini, and in the footsteps of the great leader, fought against the Pahlavi regime.

In the 1330s [1950s], just as the perverse Baha’i sect was in full swing, a group of Muslim men, led by the Shi’a clergy, rose up against that sect. Martyr Haj Mohammad Esmail Rezaie was one of these people.

He built the Saheb ul-Zaman Mosque [Lord of the Age Mosque], which was in the vicinity of the Pepsi-Cola factory, owned by the Baha’is. He played a special role in weakening the Baha’is. At the same time, the Baha’is harboured a grudge against him and held a great celebration when Haj Esmail was martyred.