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In the Name of God

The View of the Government of the Islamic Republic of Iran Regarding:

The Iranian Muslims’ Reaction to the Baha’is and Baha’ism


  1. The dwelling in the birthplace of Ali-Muhammad, the Bab, was destroyed by a number of people on the 17th of the current month of Shahrivar [8 September], [which was] the first anniversary of the drowned-in-blood martyrs of Black Friday, while the Muslim people all over the country of Iran were engaged in mourning and lamentation and were demonstrating against Israel and its agents, who had been directly involved in the mass killing of that day. [For this reason,] preventing the feelings of the people was not at all possible, and any kind of interference by law enforcement agents and Pasdaran [Revolutionary Guards] to protect the building would definitely have led to the martyrdom of a great number of combatant Muslim people of Shiraz.
  2. The Islamic Republic of Iran, whose official religion is Shi’i of the Twelfth Imam, cannot, of course, and should not permit a perverse sect such as Baha’is, whose relationship with world Zionism is quite obvious, to be counted as equal to other minorities such as Christians, Jews and Zoroastrians, and it considers the Baha’is, who [tried to change] the true religion of Islam, as a religious minority. A glance at the history of this sect shows that the purpose of its establishment at the hands of Tsarist Russia, British imperialism, and the support it receives from Israel and American imperialism, is nothing but a futile dream of confronting the spiritual power and the increasing and rightful influence of Islam and creating disunity.
  3. Apart from that, the way and the manner in which these destructive Baha’is operate, and their obvious espionage for the benefit of foreigners, fully proves their connection as a perfidious political party to international Zionism, which is the true sworn enemy of Islam, and the creator of the oppressed Palestine. While it has been announced several times, from every stand, that the Islamic Revolution of Iran is for fighting international Zionism, how could it be possible, regardless of the ideological reason, to recognize Baha’is as a religious minority and give them equal rights with other minorities? The meetings of this sect have always been the nests of espionage, and our Muslim nation cannot tolerate such nests.


The Embassy of the Islamic Republic of Iran – London