Embassy of the Islamic Republic of Iran, Stockholm

In the Name of God

Stockholm, July 28, 1993

Mr. Per-Olof Akerdahl

Gotavagen 22

191 44 Solletuna


Dear Sir,

Referring to your letter dated 93.07.08 this Embassy would like to inform you that according to the investigations made the allegations on the molestation of the Baha’i Cemetery in Tehran is Baseless. At present Tehran municipality authorities are undertaking a project in order to modernize and update the quality of the referred sites. This project requires the removal of only 30 cm of extra soil and this might include the grave sites that are over 30 years old, which is legally defined age of a grave. Recent graves are not included in the above- mentioned project and careful attention is devoted to project and safeguard them.

The above project is performed in line with the Tehran municipality board programs for renovating the City and is not aimed at the Baha’i cemetery but covers a large area in the west of Tehran. Tehran municipality renewal projects are performed in different parts of the City and in some cases include the old Muslim cemeteries as well.

Respectfully Yours,

Public Relations Department