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[Newspaper:] Iran va Jahan

[Date:] Tir-Mordad 1362 [July 1983]- From Monday the 27th [18th] to Monday the 3rd [25th]

[Issue No.:] 150


Harassment of Hundreds of Baha’is in Iran

Harassment and prosecution of Baha’is continues in the Islamic Republic of Iran.  According to the news received from Iran, more than one-hundred and thirty Baha’is, including children and women, were forced out of their homes during the fasting month of Ramadan as a result of a raid by fanatic Hezbollah [members] in one of the cities of Mazandaran, They were held in a large square without food or water, in an attempt to enforce their consent to recant their Faith and convert to Islam.

On the first of July, as a result of a Hezbollah raid on the Baha’i residents of a village, all the people in that village fled to the nearby forests and there has been no information about their whereabouts.

On the nineteenth day of Ramadan [30 June] which is the peak of the mourning period for the Shia Muslims, Baha’i families had to flee their homes during other raids.

In Tehran, two Baha’is, namely Jahangir Hedayati and Ahmad Bashiri, were arrested by the Revolutionary Guards and no one has any further information about them.  A similar thing happened in 1980, and to this day there has been no news of those arrested. In response to these occurrences,, thirty-one well-known individuals in the German government, including the German philosopher and physicist, Friedrich von Weisäcker , have, in a message, asked international organizations to act to prevent the Islamic Republic of Iran from continuing this violent and inhumane policy.

Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung

7 July 1983