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[The excerpt below is from the section of the article that pertains to the Baha’i Faith]


[Newspaper:] Iran Times International

[Date:] Friday, 15 Mehr 1362 [7 October 1983]

[Issue No:] 620

[Page:] 9


Why Should People be Killed For Their Religious Beliefs?

The honourable editor of Iran Times,

No crime in the world is more heinous, more remorseless and brutal, than killing a person owing to the person’s personal and private belief. Killing human beings by other humans only for their religious beliefs used to happen centuries ago, after Christ, and the killing of the Christian believers by the Jews and Romans represents dark and bitter attributes of humanity’s [history]. It is true that minority religions in Iran were and are under pressure, but killing and persecution of the Baha’is because of their religion was abolished for some years, until the Islamic Republic started reviving those dark memories during the twentieth century! Any human being wonders how these people allow themselves to take a life—which is the gift of God to humanity—consider [it] as nothing, and cast themselves as executors of God’s precepts, and deprive another person of the gift of life. It is unfortunate that we, the Iranians who are outside of the country, permit these killings to happen, unknowingly, by our silence. Why do they kill people due to their religious belief? If Baha’is are wrong in choosing their religious beliefs, their dealings are with God! No human being has the right to judge and kill another human being for any reason.  An enormous tragedy is underway in our country, which brings pain to the hearts of whoever is in love with this country. We can neither do something in this regard, nor is there a politician who may save us from the darkness of backwardness. Extreme sadness and being ashamed of mentioning our country’s name are the biggest spiritual defeat in our lives. I, as someone who worships Iran, feel proud when the names of Darius, Cyrus and other Achaemenid kings have been mentioned in the Old Testament several times, along with names of other righteous men of God.

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