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[The excerpt below is from the section of the article that pertains to the Baha’i Faith]


[Newspaper:] Iran Times

[Date:] 22 Aban 1360 [13 November 1981]

[Issue No.:] 35


31 Baha’is Were Dismissed from Zamzam Company

Tehran - Iran Times News Service: Thirty-one Baha’is were dismissed from the Zamzam Shargh Company of Tehran (Pepsi-Cola), two weeks ago.  The Islamic Council of the Zamzam Company, in a memorandum published in the newspapers of the Islamic Republic, announced the dismissal of the Baha’is. In this announcement, they were introduced as Zionist elements and the Islamic Council stated that it had demanded the dismissal of the Baha’is on behalf of all the employees of the Zamzam Company.

This Council added, “We hope that in all the factories and organizations of the country, if there are yet hands connected to international Zionism, actions will be taken.''

The director general of the Zamzam Company, in an interview with Jomhoury-e Eslami Newspaper, which is the organ of the party, announced, “As long as these individuals do not announce their repudiation of the perverted Baha’i sect, their return to work will not be possible."