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[Adapted from website:] Iran Emrooz

[Date:] 10 September 2014


Protection of the Right to Education of Baha’i Nationals

The results of the national university entrance examination in Iran have been provided and participants were allowed to choose a field [of study]. However, some candidates, despite studying for a full year to participate in the entrance exam, were not allowed to choose a field of study for entry to the university.

Most of the Baha’i nationals were pleased with the “prudence and hope” of the Eleventh Government, through the “plan and hope” that saw the appointment of Ali Younesi as Special Assistant to the President of Iran for Ethnic and Religious Minorities.

The purpose of signing this letter is to offer support for and sympathize with the Baha’i friends and nationals who have remained in Iran and cannot study.

The following text is part of a letter from one of the Baha’i nationals who could not even see his acceptance record despite completing the entrance exam in 1393 [2014]:

“Hello, I am a Baha’i citizen of Iranian descent. This is the first year that I have taken the national university entrance examination, but when I was entering my personal information and due to my background, I was waiting to confront with the message ‘Incomplete File’. Instead, I was faced with a new instruction ‘please correspond with Karaj PO Box 31535-3166 or refer to Response Unit office, Sanjish[1], Shahid Motevaselian Street, Meshkin Dasht, Karaj’. I was not the only Baha’i to face this new instruction. My friends in other cities have also been deprived of education because of this new instruction. I have published my concerns and in response, many non-Baha’i nationals told me they were ashamed that they have remained silent and cannot do anything...

Now some friends both inside and outside the country have decided to launch a campaign and to invite anyone who is dissatisfied with the discrimination laws to join. We ask you to help us with your online signatures so that we can change this discriminative law and reduce some of the mental stress for our compatriots. As you know, according to the constitution of our country (Articles 19, 20, 21), as Iranians we have the right to study in the universities of our country, but when we referred to the Sanjish, they showed us a pamphlet that said according to the law, if we believed in Islam or one of the official religions of the country, then we would have the right to education and would meet the overall conditions. It is interesting to note that we believe in Islam and the official religions of the country as divine religions, but because of the name Baha’i, we are deprived of education. We wrote a letter to Sanjish, but they did not even register our letter and said that it was a security issue. Now, as a young Iranian, I ask you to join hands with me and eliminate this discriminative law once and for all...”

And what an amazing force we can have when hands are joined together ... it is time to become ‘us’ and say ‘we’ ...

Thank you all for your time,

Respectfully yours, Baha’i citizen of Iranian origin

Names of signatories

[More than 650 names]



[1] [Sanjish:  Educational Assessment and Evaluation Organization]