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[The excerpt below is from the section of the article that pertains to the Baha’i Faith]

[Newspaper: Iran-e Ma

[Date:] 1 Mehr 1334 [24 September 1955]

[Issue No.:] 243


Fighting In the Parliament

In the last meeting [of the parliament] held on Thursday, 23 Shahrivar [13 September], Mr. Khalatbari, Mr. Shams Qanatabadi and Mr. Abdul Sabeb Safaei were the pre-order speakers.

Pepsi Cola:

A complete silence prevailed over the parliament when Mr. Shams Qanatabadi attacked the government.

In the midst of this silence, Mr. Mirashrafi rose from his seat and addressed the parliament in a loud voice: “Is Habib Sabet Pasal also a clean man? Since he has partnered with Mr. Ala and has created the Pepsi-Cola Company, Sabet Pasal is Mr. Ala’s partner. He has formed a partnership with a Baha’i; its owner is Mr. Ala”.

None of the pro-government supporters made objections to Mr. Mirashrafi’s attack. Even the ministers and the deputy prime minister did not respond to Mr. Mirashrafi’s remarks or deny them. Mr. Mirashrafi also commented on Mr. Ala with two or three harsher sentences, but what was included in the formal minutes of parliament are the same sentences that were quoted here.

The close circle

As far as our correspondent is aware, Mr. Ala is not the owner of Pepsi Cola at all and it seems that this misunderstanding has arisen because Mr. Sabet Pasal is a very close and genuine friend of Mr. Ala. On the same day as Mr. Ala’s arrival from a trip to Europe, despite his illness, the first people Mr. Ala met and had a long interview with in his home and were invited for tea, were Mr. Sabet Pasal and his wife. In any case, according to our correspondent, Mr. Ala personally has no share in Pepsi Cola.