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[Adapted from website:] Iran-e Farda

[Date:] Aban 1397 [October/November 2018]


Wounds That Will Not Heal

40 Years of Browsing or Serial Killings?

Masoud Bastani

The importance of relating the tragic event of the serial killings directed by Haj Saied Emami, which took place during the height of the political inflammations of the reformist movement, is important in several ways...

[There have been no results from efforts by their survivors to prosecute the cases of the] suspicious murders of people such as Dr. Kazem Sami in the 1360s [1980s], a socialist theologian and minister of health of the provisional government; Zohreh Izadi, a dissident student, in 1359 [1970]; Professor Manouchehr Hakim, a physician and member of the Baha’i National Assembly; Mawlavi Abdolmalek Mollazadeh after his release from prison; Saiedi Sirjani, the lliterature and history scholar; Shamsoddin Amir-Alaei, a colleague of Dr. Mossadegh; Tatevos Mikaelian, an Armenian priest; Dr. Ahmad Sayyad, a Sunni thinker; Ebrahim Zalzadeh, a journalist; Masoumeh Mossadegh, the granddaughter of Dr. Mossadegh, along with missing documents from her grandfather; Mamousta Rabiee, a Sunni Friday prayer imam of Kermanshah; Dr. Abdol-Azir [Abdol-Aziz] Majd, a professor of the University of Zahedan and the critic of the Imam Ali series; Dr. Alimorad Davoudi, one of the Baha’is and a professor of philosophy at the University of Tehran; a brilliant engineer and the modernist commentator of the Quran in Mashhad, Dr. Fallah Yazdi; the physician of Ayatollah Montazeri, Ashraf al-Sadat Borghei in Qom; Hosein Sarshar, the singer of “O Iran, O Land Full of Gems” ;  Dr. Ahmad Tafazzoli, the tracker of the assassination case of Reza Mazlouman;  Dr. Jamshid Partovi, the physician of Ahmad Khomeini; Siamak Sanjari, an associate of Saied Emami;  Ahmad Mir-Alaei, a writer;  and a large number of other dissidents.

Also, there are ambiguous cases, some of which are being pursued by members of parliament to find the truth, from a conspiracy [to cause] the bus crash of the members of the Writers’ Association and the explosion at the shrine of Imam Reza, to the sudden death of Dr. Ramin Pourandarjani, a young doctor in Kahrizak Prison, and the unknown suicides of Kavous Seyyed-Emami and… in prison and other murders outside the prison; and like other cases of the Khatami government to pursue….

Iran Farda

Number 43/Aban 1397 [October/November 2018]