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Date: -----134 [196…]

No: ---

Enclosure: -----

94325 – [dated] 3/12/1343 [22 February 1965]



Ministry of Culture [and Education]

Department of Culture [and Education] of Isfahan Province

Mobarakeh [Department of] Education


Representative of Mobarakeh Department of Education

With reference to circular number 20, [dated] 1/12/1343 [20 February 1965], you are hereby advised that, according to employment directive number 15335–[dated] 20/10/1343 [10 January 1965], of the Personnel Office of the Ministry of Education, applicants must be believers of the Islamic Faith, and in answering the form under the religion section, write “Muslim, Twelver Shia”. Since Mr. Iraj Shahsavandi, serviceman of the Literacy Corps, second intake, in answering the religion question on the form, has declared himself as Baha’i, his employment is in breach of the regulations.

On behalf of the Director General of the Education Department of Isfahan Province– Dr. Afgheh

4303–[dated] 9/12/1343 [28 February 1965]

Copy, in response to the letter dated 1/12/1343 [20 February 1965], sent for Mr. Iraj Shahsavandi’s information.  

Head of Department of Education in Mobarakeh – Khademi