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[The excerpt below is from the section of the article that pertains to the Baha’i Faith]


[Adapted from website:] International Quran News Agency (IQNA)

[Date:] 19 Dey 1396 [9 January 2018]


Social Dimensions of the Emergence of Baha’ism

According to the International Quran News Agency (IQNA), the unveiling ceremony of the latest work published by Gooy Publications, entitled “Mahdavi Discourse”, written by Abdol-Hosein Fakhari, was held this evening, 19 Dey [9 January].

At the beginning of the ceremony, Mehdi Allahyari, a researcher in the field of Baha’ism, spoke with objection and said, “Today, the Baha’i organizations propagate in new ways. This organization was established about 200 years [ago] and has plans for the Islamic societies. In fact, this organization intends to plunder the Islamic societies and disunite the people in their own countries.”

Referring to the formation of Baha’ism, Allahyari said, “This [Baha’i] organization is now active in 190 countries. They have 12,000 local assemblies to promote their organization, often with nine people present in each assembly. They have seven Mashriqu’l-Adhkar [temples] and are trying to build 123 more temples. This organization has printing centres and employs radio stations around the world, as well as 950 schools and colleges, through which they propagate.

He added, “This organization is managed by the international centre, the House of Justice, which is located in Israel. Iran is considered as the spiritual cradle of the Baha’is; the United States of America is their administrative cradle; Britain is their intellectual centre; the country of Australia is their propaganda centre, and Israel is where they control all these programmes.

He added, “Baha’is raise a number of issues, such as social justice and… so on, but in reality, they do not believe in them and try to take advantage of these issues. Also, some of their general goals are sustainable development, promotion of women, efforts to establish an international tribunal, promotion of religious freedom, and… so on.”

In continuation of this ceremony, the author of the book “Mahdism Discourse”, Abdol-Hosein Fakhari, gave a speech and said, “One of the important issues that should be discussed is the sociological dimensions of the formation of the Baha’i Faith and what caused the Baha’i Faith to come into being.”

At the end, referring to the book “Mahdism Discourse”, he said, “These books are a collection of books, the third volume of which has now been published under the title of “Mahdism Discourse”. This collection was published under the title of “Mahdavi Marzbani [Boundaries of Mahdism]” in three volumes, with the titles, “Mahdavi Life”, “Mahdavi Beliefs” and “Mahdavi Discourse”, and the next three volumes will be published soon with the titles “Mahdavi Knowledge”, “Assisting Mahdavi” and “Waiting for Mahdavi”.